Snow Video after the Sun Appeared

Snow ended Saturday before noon, and as the Sun came out, the real magic of this storm was revealed. Hunter and Buddy didn’t let a foot of fresh snow keep them away. The video covers Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, as temps remained below freezing.



KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And here is the video…

Cedar Creek Gorge in Snow

I was out before sunrise this morning so I could see Cedar Creek Gorge before the snow melts today. A light rain fell during the night with temps holding just above freezing. Highs in the 50’s tomorrow will doom the last of the white stuff.

Cedar Creek Road still had snow as I climbed above 2,000 feet.cedar-6

Inside the gorge, the creek was surrounded by snow, as were the steep walls…cedar-4

Carefully climbing down from the road, the creek began its steep run that would fall 400 feet in less than a mile.KODAK Digital Still Camera

The upper falls had more water than I’ve seen in a while.cedar-1


Further down the gorge, icicles were still holding on above the rushing water.cedar-5

Three Days of Winter Magic

With temperatures well below freezing since last Friday night, the weekend snow is still here, and still as beautiful. This morning awoke with 23 degrees and a heavy cloud cover that looked like more snow might be on the way. Both dogs arrived early and we walked down the road past Otter Pond, which is frozen over for the first time this winter.


The American Beech tree retains its colorful fall foliage all winter…KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brushy Top Mountain above the gorge carved out by a branch from Otter Pond…brushy-top-view

The pooches know this trail well, and Buddy likes to romp in the lower meadow.pooches

Inside the woods, the Branch flows toward Otter Creek, under many downed trees.branch

Where’s Buddy?  He was checking out a well used cave under a large boulder. A Bear perhaps?KODAK Digital Still Camera

Back out to where the Branch feeds into Otter Creek. This was the view up the creek, where fresh snow looked almost like a cascade falling from the mountain above.KODAK Digital Still Camera

In the other direction, Otter Creek flows under Bill’s Creek Road in the distance on its way to Cove Creek.down-otter-creek

Further up Otter Creek, a pond formed by another Branch has frozen over.two-ponds

Arriving home from the woods behind the house…rear-yard

Heavy Snow in Otter Creek Valley

After falling for 14 hours, a record 12″ of heavy snow covered the valley. This was the most snow reported by any area for the January 6th and 7th period. Just lucky I guess. Here are some of my favorite images, followed by a five minute video. It was 10 degrees this morning, and most of the snow is still here.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


KODAK Digital Still Camera




KODAK Digital Still Camera

This is a short video made early Saturday morning while the snow was still falling… Make sure you go directly to the blog to see the video if this is part of your e-mail alert.




























First Snow of the Winter

After just two hours, almost two inches have fallen. I can’t wait until first light in the morning.



Winter Storm Approaches

As the season’s first snow is forecast for Friday and Saturday here in Otter Creek, it seemed appropriate to share some scenes from yesterday’s walk.

deck-viewSunrise from my deck….

creek-otterOtter Creek has returned to pre-drought levels, and the threat of fire is minimized by almost ten inches of rain over the past month.


Tallahassee in Late Autumn

Escaping the fire threat in the North Carolina Mountains, Florida seemed a good place to go. Earlier this week I spent three days in the state capitol, and found Tallahassee quite picturesque.

No tour of this historic Southern city can escape the beauty of Florida State University, founded in 1851, and Westcott Hall and fountain seemed the perfect place to begin.



Towering Loblolly Pine on campus

The Old City Cemetery just a few blocks away had the prettiest Camellia in town.camellia-1

In the area near the State Capitol building, many 19th century homes have been restored, and a walking tour is warranted.


Brokaw-McDougall House  1856-60

The most special place in the county is the iconic Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park on the northeast outskirts of town. Known internationally for its winter display of Camellias and springtime collection of Azaleas, Maclay Gardens is the most popular place in town for weddings.maclay-4

KODAK Digital Still Camera





KODAK Digital Still Camera

Camellia Blossoms 




KODAK Digital Still Camera

Japanese Maple



Lake Hall makes the perfect backdrop for strolling through the gardens.maclay-2