Welcome to My New Weblog…

After countless numbers of Kodak albums with hundreds of photographs, it’s time to enter the 21st century, and simplify the way I post my images and the way you access them. I’ll post regular sets of pictures as I process them. You’ll be able to enlarge them, and save them to your computer if you are so inclined. Because I’m totally new to this, please cut me some slack as I learn the ropes. I’m open to your suggestions about the way I do things, and you can always send me comments about what you see, and how I organize content.

Over time, I’ll post many of my older images, and you’ll be able to search for specific subjects and keywords. I will phase out the Kodak albums for new photos, but you will still be able to view all Kodak files you have saved over time. Going forward you will need to click on the FOLLOW button on the right if you would like to be made part of my Blog family. By doing so, you’ll receive an e-mail notification whenever I post a new entry. It’s up to you. 

Just to get things going, I’m posting a photo that I made yesterday at Laurel Valley Mountain. I had gone there on Tuesday, and was so impressed with the fall colors and panoramic views of these wonderful ridges that I had to go back and finish the job. I have manipulated the colors very little. What you see is what I saw when I stood on a hillside, or under a grove of trees. On Tuesday, I was there just after noon. Yesterday was two hours earlier, and the lower sun angle made a major difference in the shadows and brightness of the tones. This mountain is just two miles north of my house, and is a collection of vacation homes scattered along the ridges. Narrow roads snake their way around three sides of the mountain, offering a variety of different exposures and views.

Tryon Mountain is visible on the far horizon

Toward Tryon Mountain


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