Laurel Valley and High Lodges HD Video

On Wednesday, I used the HD setting on my new camera, and captured the colors along a road at Laurel Valley Mountain. Upon returning home, I drove up Fibber Magee Drive to get a panoramic view of Bear Gap and Roan Horsetop Mountain. The colors up there have passed their peak, but you’ll get the idea of the serenity of the ridges. By the way, there is no sound on this video. From now on, I will be posting these videos, and my photos on this new blog. You need to click on the “FOLLOW”  button on the right so that you will be automatically notified when I post a new entry. If you decide that these photos, stories, and videos are not for you, I understand. Anytime you might want to have a look at the mountains, you can still just enter the web address, and go directly to this blog. It’s

The temp this morning is 26 degrees, and tomorrow morning will get into the low 20’s. Lots of ice and frost today. Good thing my heat pump is very efficient.

Click Here to watch the video…..

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