The Smoky Mountains

The rain stopped just after sunset this evening, but the clouds and fog rolled in. If you ever wondered why the early pioneers called these mountains “The Smokies”, all you need to do is look at these two photos, and you’ll have your answer. This is the backside of the mountains that face my house, and are visible from my deck. Old farmhouses are scattered around this valley because there is flat land for crops. Click on the photos to get the full effect.

Red Roof

Brushy Top and Bear Gap Mountains

One thought on “The Smoky Mountains

  1. Thanks for your Happy Birthday call. Sorry i didn’t pick up, it was charging upstairs. We have been decorating for Christmas, and there are boxes and stuff everywhere. Why does it have to look bad before it can look good?

    I have been asked to try out for “Over the River and Through theWoods”. Do you think I can play a 70 something Italian from Hoboken?

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