Lowering Lake Lure

Last week, the gates of the dam at Lake Lure were opened, and the lake was allowed to go down by five feet. Usually this is done every three winters so that docks, seawalls, and boathouses can be repaired and reconstructed.  This time, the City of Lake Lure has decided to demolish and rebuild its main marina, and the job is alot easier when there’s no water to deal with. I made some pics this past week after the water was removed.  The gates are actually part of a hydroelectric system built back in 1926, and the power they have produced during this latest lowering have enriched the city’s coffers. All surplus power is bought by Duke Power. Normally, the power gates are opened only once a week for a few hours. Last March, when the gates were closed and the lake was allowed to return to its regular level, it was totally full within three days. Amazing how much water flows from the Rocky Broad River into the lake. It’s a shame that this wasn’t done during the warm months. The super-increased flow downriver makes for perfect white water kayaking.  You can really see the effect of the level reduction when looking at the bottom of the arched bridge. The normal waterline is very visible.

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