Grandfather Mountain in Snow

Driving north for a hour today, the temperature dropped from 45 at home, to 32 by the time I arrived at the west base of historic Grandfather Mountain. Snow had fallen all night, and a bright midday sun gave it a blue tinge under an even bluer clear sky.

The wind had blown at near blizzard strength, and the snow and ice had encrusted the trees and rocks along the summit. Click on the photo to see the full effect.  (below)

Snow was still falling on the highest peak, and a freezing fog enshrouded much of the summit. By looking at the tallest trees, you can get a good idea of the size of this peak. (below)

Moving away from the mountain, the sheer beauty of the vista was even more apparent. (below)

Just when I think that I might be running out of spectacular scenery after 2 1/2 years, I see this, and the majesty of nature once again leaves me in awe.

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