Just Another Mountain Landscape

The clouds and textures in these photos were so cool today, just had to share. Might not get any snow this winter. Naturally I’m disappointed, but  what’s one year without snow? Heading for Charlotte tomorrow to watch football with friends. I’ll be pulling for the Falcons because I know their offensive coordinator, Mike Mularkey, and he has a good chance to be Miami’s next head coach. One thing is for sure, he will be a head coach somewhere next season. His wife Betsey is the coolest lady. While he was offensive coordinator for the Dolphins under Nick Sabin, he lived next door to my brother on the New River in Ft. Lauderdale. He went to high school in Lauderdale, and was a defensive star for the Gators.

Check out Fibber Magee Drive…

One thought on “Just Another Mountain Landscape

  1. Oh listen to you boo hoo a year without snow what happened to Miami Vann? I don’t know who this Mountain Vann person is! BTW love the new pic on the header of the blog sure looks like you got snow but I am guessing that is from last year.

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