Heavy Snow Near Banner Elk

I knew that snow had fallen in the high country above 4,000 feet during the night, but I never imagined just how much when I drove north this afternoon. Arriving in the expansive valley between Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain after 2 p.m., the snow was still falling, and the wind was blowing, and the temperature was in the upper teens. Everything was covered, and most of the vacation homes were empty. The Cadillac handled well on the salted roads, and driving around the mountainside was like floating on water. I only made a few pics, but I spent my time doing a video of the peace and tranquility that the snow brought to the trees and houses and ridges. Just click on the You Tube address below. The movie is in Hi Def and the New Age soundtrack in in stereo.

About 6 inches had fallen, and more was on the way…

Before going to the video, check out these other shots………… To return to this page and watch the video, click on the “ESC”  button in the upper right corner of the slide show. 

Click Here for Hi-Def Video. Make sure you enlarge to “Full Screen” and turn up the sound!



One thought on “Heavy Snow Near Banner Elk

  1. Good God Vann: What did you use to shoot this with? it is better than Hollywood. It is so beautiful there this time of the year, also, all the other times .

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