A Walk on the Wild Side

Each morning I head into the wilderness to walk. This time of year it’s usually below freezing, but I like the mountains in winter, so I don’t mind a bit. Over the past few mornings, I made videos during the walk. The camera was a little jumpy, but I wanted to capture the three dimensionality of the mountains, the lake, the woods, and the house. Sorry I don’t own a “Steadycam” yet. Watch for the heavy frost near the end. It was 29 this morning. The very last minute of the video was made late Sunday afternoon as the first snow of the season began to fall. I always discuss my walks, and I wanted you to experience the solitude for yourself.

5 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Vann, I like it, I like it, I like it. And what’s the title of the music, and the names of the instruments? All the best. Martin

    • Martin, The Album is called “Nomadic Impressions” from a group called “Open Canvas”. The name of the piece is “Full Moon Gervish”. I can only assume the instruments are middle Eastern, and from the title, Turkish. I’ve used their music on ALL of my recent videos. It has an otherworldliness that lends itself to mountains, lakes, snow, and clouds. I intend to find more by this group. Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. Vann, you might want to experiment with some soft Indian sitar and tabla music, too. Just an idea. Good luck. Martin

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