The Eastern Escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Finding a view of the Mountains from Rutherfordton is always a rewarding trip. From this location, the mountains are about 15 miles to the west. They rise from an elevation of 1,100 feet (Where I made these photos), to almost 7,000 feet on the distant ridges. The mountains in between are from 3,000 to 4,000 feet. I live just over the lowest ridge at 1,200 feet. Although this was a clear day, the haze of the Blue Ridge always reduces the sharpness of the image. Click on a photo to see the full size version.

The distant ridge is part of the Black Mountain Range, with Mt. Mitchell being the highest peak. It’s just out of the frame to the right. The darkest blue mountain is called Tom’s Mountain, at 1,800 feet. The next ridge is Hickorynut Mountain, climbing to 3,100 feet off to the right.

The distant ridge is the backbone of the Black Mountain Range. Mt. Mitchell is off to the left in this view.

The buildings in the left center are part of Shingle Hollow Church Camp Grounds. The ridge in the center with the visible trail connects 2,600 foot Roan Horsetop Mountain, off to the left, with 3,000 foot Wolf Pen Mountain off to the right.

That’s Young’s Mountain in the middle, with Round Mountain in the upper right.

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