Wood Ducks and Frogs in Otter Pond

Maybe it’s the full moon, but the frogs were having quite a symphony at sunrise this morning around Otter Pond, and the family of wood ducks seemed to enjoy their serenade. In the distance, you can hear the Red Wing Black Birds and Mourning Doves welcoming this early spring.

Last night, there was a lone coyote in front of the house that just wouldn’t shut up. Everytime the moon would appear through the clouds, he would start singing again. There’s no visible video  here, but you can hear the little guy just the same. This photo is from the web, but it looks just like the only coyote I’ve seen since living here. Click here to be amazed!


2 thoughts on “Wood Ducks and Frogs in Otter Pond

  1. The video of the ducks on Otters Pond is so relaxing-we won’t hear too many frogs until a little later, here but then look out what a concert.Love the markings on wood ducks, haven’t seen any on my lake but have seen them at Flamingo Gardens when i visit their aviary. Aren’t coyotes spectacular, a few months ago a stray one showed up here in Miami Lakes, spotted him on the golf course & again walking down my street at night. Neither time did I have a camera & my old phone takes lousy pictures. So love seeing nature around us, there is so much to enjoy-thanks so much for sharing

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