Lake Lure From the East

With winter winding down, it was the perfect time to capture Lake Lure before the spring foliage buds out. With an 80 degree day, the college rowing teams were practicing in the perfect conditions found here in March. Leaving the lake behind and driving to the top of 2,600 foot Young’s Mountain, I was treated to the perfect view of all the peaks along the Hickory Nut escarpment. In the distance I could see the blue profile of Mt. Mitchell and the rest of the Black Mountain range. 2,900 foot Mt. Shumont was the tallest in this area, and the drop to the lake below was over 1,700 feet. I just can’t get enough of these spectacular mountains. Click on the thumbnails to see a slide show of the amazing views.

Click the link below to see a seven minute video of the Lake Lure gorge and the view from Young’s Mountain. Also, you’ll be able to take a ride down the mountain.

3 thoughts on “Lake Lure From the East

  1. Oh Vann, so enjoyed this one! After a hectic weekend of dog rescues & finding the owners I needed a moment of tranquility, the vistas are incredible, some beautiful homes to view on top. I need to accompany you LOL You look fantastic, no wonder you stay in such great shape hiking your woods & mountains. Thanks as always for sharing

  2. Hi Vann…. Great video! Can you tell me of any paved roads that we can take up high above Lake Lure? We are new to the area and would like to explore and find a safe easy drive and view excellent high mountain vistas. Any advise would be helpful.


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