A Cold Frosty Morning in April

With the return of seasonal temperatures, the morning walk was invigorating. It was 34 degrees with frost on the meadow and cars, and alot of steam rising from Otter Pond.

The ravine below the earthen dam of the pond (there are no natural lakes in the North Carolina Mountains), seemed much deeper with the mist.

The lavender blossoms of the delicately frangrant Asian Empress Tree were in full dispplay this morning.

The only dogwood tree along the pond seemed to welcome the wetting fog.

Oak Mountain made a fitting backdrop to the hemlock and cedar along the fence.

Walking back to the house, Wolf Pen Mountain had a little mist of its own.

Back at the house, the Virginia Pines have grown yellow “flowers” heavy with green pollen to blanket the deck, the cars, the roof…. everything! Remember, you can click on any of these photos to get the full page effect.

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