Heading Home on Cedar Creek Road in the Rain

Last Thurday was an all day rain, so I headed over to see how much water was coming through at Cedar Creek Falls. The landscape was so green and the dogwood in the forest were so beautiful that I held the camera out the window and let it run. Sorry for the shaky quality, but you’ll get the idea. Toward the end is Otter Creek and the entrance into my valley, then a drive past Otter Pond, then up and over the hill to my house. I used Beethoven’s Emperor Piano Concerto, the slow movement, because it was just perfect for the moment.

3 thoughts on “Heading Home on Cedar Creek Road in the Rain

  1. Oh how lovely! I sat here drinking my morning coffee & took your “ride”-What a beautiful way to start my day! so very much enjoyed this Thank you, for sharing

  2. Your pictures and descriptions provide a tranquil place to see the beauty all around you in the Blueridge, and to escape the treadmill some of us are on. Please keep the spirit for me!

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