Springtime in the Foothills

This photo was made on Saturday from the outskirts of Rutherfordton, the county seat located 18 miles southeast of my house. This area is called The Foothills for obvious reasons. In French, foothills is translated as “Piedmont”, which is the name given to the area of North and South Carolina between the mountains and the flat coastal plain to the east. The view is toward the northwest, and includes all of the Black Mountain range, which has Mt. Mitchell. at 6,700 feet as its highest peak. The next closest range is Hickory Nut Mountain, at 3,300 feet, which is just to my north. My home is located in a valley between Hickory Nut and the next closest ridge. This was an especially clear, low humidity day, with temperatures in the high sixties. Make sure you click on the individual images to see the full screen effect.

Above is a closer view of the Blue Ridge from the same place. Notice how the trees have filled in their new leaves. Below is a yard along the road to Rutherfordton that has the best display of azaleas in this area. A dogwood tree rounds out the effect.

In a wooded area along US 64, old azaleas from a long gone homeplace continue to bloom amidst pink and white  dogwood and tall Loblolly pine.

After arriving at home, a Bluebird had settled in the Hemlock tree outside my picture window, and I had the camera close by.

One thought on “Springtime in the Foothills

  1. Just beautiful-The colors are magnificent! In N.O. we had azaleas all over, wish they grew down here in Miami, but have had no luck, too hot I guess

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