A Late April Frost

A low of 29 degrees brought a very beautiful frost for mid April.

The old farmers tale is that it is safe to plant the crops after the blackberries bloom. Most likely that still holds true, but don’t tell these blackberry blossoms.

It’s remarkable how intricate these common flowers can be. The fruit will ripen for picking in July. Watch out for those chiggers!

The blackberry leaves are quite distinctive, not to be confused with Poison Oak.

Yesterday was cold and blustery with a stiff wind coming off the lake. This was the view just before the sunset. It sure felt like winter.

On Tuesday morning, this very rare “lenticular” cloud formed over the mountains to the north. There were no other clouds in a deep blue sky. The wind changed from East to northwest, and reached 50 mph by the afternoon. The cold was on its way.

3 thoughts on “A Late April Frost

  1. At the end of my day, I always look forward to Vann’s incredible images taken in the Blue Ridge. Another group of winners. Are you sure the lenticular cloud is over the Blue Ridge and not over North Korea after their missile test today?

  2. Beautiful pictures of the frosted blueberry leaves, they look like paintings! Had to laugh at the chiggers warning, gosh they are awful – remember getting bitten when little, itched for days & looked like had chicken pox on my legs if I remember correctly. The cloud picture was magnificent, you have perfect timing & very lucky to see that

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