Late April in the Rock Garden

Last year I transplanted a small wildflower I found on the side of the road. It had one blossom. This year, it came back with many beautiful pink blossoms. What a nice surprise.

This perfect flower appeared out of nowhere. That seems to happen alot here.

This Bird’s Nest Spruce was planted in March after a trip from Charlotte, and it is already sprouting new growth. The Verbena bloomed all winter, and will spread throughout the entire garden by the end of summer.

This Colorado Blue Spruce was planted over two years ago, and finally decided to start growing this spring.

This Cardinal has been a regular at the feeder for the past month.

All the evergreens are setting new growth. If last year is any indication, these pine trees will more than double in size by the end of the summer.

With three storms yesterday, a mist was hovering over the nearby mountain ridges.


3 thoughts on “Late April in the Rock Garden

  1. Love all the beautiful colors of the flowers! You have quite a Green Thumb-good for you. I also find it so rewarding when I plant something & it thrives-Enjoy your beautiful views, and thanks as always for sharing. Love ya

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