Mountain Laurel Time

As mid-May approaches, the Mountain Laurel begins to bloom. I found these new blossoms near the entrance gatehouse to Queen’s Gap, an abandoned golf developement about five miles east of my house.

Until you see these small flowers up close, you can’t appreciate their complexity.

The gatehouse has an almost Oriental design, and could make a rather stylish cottage for some enterprising buyer.

Petunias grow wild around the property, leftovers from long neglected landscaping.

The Mountain Laurel blankets the surrounding woods.

8 thoughts on “Mountain Laurel Time

  1. Whomever has been caring for the abandoned gatehouse flowers has done a pristine job! Thanks for bring some Blueridge Springtime to south florida.

      • I agree on hoilding the water ! The water being forced up to higher evevations thru the rockhas always amazed me.

      • Water always seeks the lowest level, but the way these mountains are crinkled up like tissue paper, they channel water in amazing ways. If you were to flaten the NC mountains, they would cover an area five times their original space. When you get an inch of rain here, it stays around for days…. My well is 180 feet deep, driven through solid granite to one of the many underground streams. The clarity and purity is remarkable.

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