Summer Flowers Have Arrived

A definite change has taken place in the garden. The spring flowers have gone, and the summer flowers have blossomed. These perrennials have returned with a vengeance. It was 49 degrees at sunrise this morning, and even the forest has taken on a summer look. Leaves have matured, and the weeds and wildflowers along the ground have completely obscured any raw earth or mulch. Rabbits and chipmonks are everywhere, and the hummingbirds have returned from Mexico to resume their aerial antics around the feeders on the deck.

The petunias on the deck frame the view perfectly.

This box turtle didn’t seem to mind posing for his portrait. Just another pretty face.

4 thoughts on “Summer Flowers Have Arrived

  1. What a handsome turtle. Let’s call him Churchill. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. EJ told me he is going to be visiting with you….have fun.

  2. What a great eye! The pictures are amazing. Lucky you to have such a view from your home. Like the turtle, you would have had a good laugh at me on Thursday morning. I rescued a large one on my street, he was so heavy i had to keep putting him down. Had to get him safely away from crazy neighborhood drivers & back near the lake-It would have made a you tube moment for sure. Keep the pictures coming, someday would love to see all that beauty in person. Enjoy Ej’s visit

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