Exposed Rock of Brushy Top Mountain

When I first stepped onto the deck of what would later become my home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the mountain across the valley had exposed rock on its southern face. Only steep slopes allow the top soil to be eroded away and reveal the granite underneath.  If you click on the image below, taken from a ridge five miles to my south, you can see exposed granite on the side of  1,800 foot Brushy Top Mountain just right of the center. The 3,100 foot Hickory Nut Mountain looms on the horizon behind Brushy Top. This eastern ridge is known as the escarpment, becuase it’s the first ridge you see when coming from the east. This is where the Blue Ridge Mountains rise up from the Piedmont Plateau.

The telephoto image below was made last week from the same spot on an especially clear, low humidity day. The detail from five miles away was the most defined I’ve seen since moving here. Much larger Hickory Nut Mountain still dominates the scene. The granite is obvious in the center.

The next image was made today from my the meadow around my house. The same exposed granite is prominent on Brushy Top Mountain, about half a mile to my north. From this angle, Hickory Nut Mountain is not visible over the ridge.

The photo below was made in the Fall of 2010 of Brushy Top Mountain from a spot about half a mile west of the house further up the mountain. The granite is visible among the brightly colored trees. I have yet to find a more vibrant mountainside anywhere in all these mountains.

The next photo is from 2011 taken from my road, Fibber Magee Drive.

3 thoughts on “Exposed Rock of Brushy Top Mountain

  1. The joy you must have taking these beautiful pictures of the landscape around you! Love the fall colors of Bushy Mountain

    • Thank you Edwina. I find JOY in everything around me, large or small. I’m constantly in awe of the beauty found in nature. I have been put here to document this place in the Universe.

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