Sunday Views From the Blue Ridge Parkway

Late Sunday afternoon, the Blue Ridge Parkway was almost deserted. Bears Den Overlook between Linville Falls and Little Switzerland was the perfect place to experience the overcast sunset. The photo above was made at Altamont Pass where the railroad passes under the Blue Ridge through a long tunnel. An apple orchard flanks the roadway, and has been there since before the Parkway was built in the 1930’s. The Apple House, below, has country music on weekends, and great jellies, jams, apple butter, and honey. To get the best effect if you’ve received this post as an e-mail, click on the headline above, and go straight to the blog itself. Once you’re there, you can enlarge the photos for full effect, and you can look at other blog posts that you might have missed earlier.

Mount Mitchell was hidden in the clouds to the south. It is part of the imposing Black Mountain range, the tallest in the Eastern U.S.

The valley toward the furniture town of Marion was hazy, but the ridges were still prominent. Smoke rises from one of the plants, 2,000 feet below.

A closer inspection shows the ridges all the way to the South Mountain range near Morganton.

Another traveler stops to take in the panorama of the Black Mountains from 3,600 feet.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Views From the Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. As usual, beautiful pictures! envious of your weather, here in Miami, hot & humid & cloudy skies, expecting lots of rain again, too. I’d be a customer for the jams & jellies, love home made food stuff from the locals

  2. Hi. We have basically the same weather here in Belgium. Makes all the vegetation grow fast, especially the weeds! We would appreciate a little bit warmer and less rain but whatcha goin´to do! hihi. See ya. Love being in touch with you. Going to the embassy tomorrow to renew my passport. Always dread this because of all the security measures. They´re quite impressive.

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