July Arrives at Lake Lure

With the arrival of July, the sun has begun its march back to the south. Rumbling Bald Mountain looms large over Lake Lure. The recent heat wave spared this area, and wildflowers are blooming on schedule.

Last Saturday’s sunset as seen from the woods behind the house, was very bright because of the low humidity. The frogs in the pond were quite vocal.

A Goldfinch and a Cardinal share prime spots on the bird feeder.

Sunrise on Sunday morning bathed the house in warm summer colors.

5 thoughts on “July Arrives at Lake Lure

  1. So, so pretty, Vann. We’ve bouncing back and forth between summer temps and days that are 15 degrees below normal. So our spring blooms are gone and we are in summer mode — but the tomatoes are confused and still just the size of small marbles! Your wildflowers are just lovely — and that lake photo is just incredible.

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