My First Rattlesnake in the Wild

This morning I had my first encounter with a rattle snake. It was a three foot Wood Rattler, and it was just resting along Otter Creek Road.

From the looks of his skinny body, he was very much in need of a meal.

His rattles were as motionless as he was. Just so you know, I made these shots from my car window. There was never any threat. His scales and coloring were very interesting.

Summer wildflowers are blooming in the fields.

When the sumac starts to turn red, you know that summer has peaked, and hints of the coming autumn will be seen throughout the woods.

7 thoughts on “My First Rattlesnake in the Wild

  1. Yikes, good thing that snake was outside & You in the car-that’s why hiking around one should always be wearing boots & be alert. The colors are neat, but not fond of snakes. On my lake I have to watch out for moccasins-ugly & aggressive they are

  2. Be careful..the hot weather brings them out. Had three in my garden. Thank God they were just grass snakes.
    God Bless and be safe.
    Love always, Linda

  3. I had a pygmy rattler curled up right against my garage door the first year I lived in California — I was terrified, and my 80-year-old neighbor came over with his flat-bladed “snake shovel” and dispatched it (I was afraid to let it escape into the yard; I have dogs.) My next-door neighbor had a full-sized rattler inside her garage the next year — taught me to be careful about leaving doors into the garage open. I’m up in the hills, with ranch lands just a block away.
    On fall colors — yesterday I noticed my nandina (miniature false bamboo) showing the first red edges, too.

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