Approaching Blue Ridge Thunderstorm and Hummingbirds

As a summer afternoon thunderstorm approached my house, I was intrigued by the behavior of the hummingbirds that partake of the deck feeder. The more lightning and thunder, the more frenzied they became, seeming to attack the feeder and each other. If you listen between wind gusts, you’ll hear their bantering and chirps.

5 thoughts on “Approaching Blue Ridge Thunderstorm and Hummingbirds

  1. We have had some outstanding storms in Cola…scared the puppies. Stay well Sweetie. Enjoyed your video.
    Blessings sent your way, Linda

  2. So enjoyed watching the humming birds – haven’t seen any around here in a while, miss that, they’re fascinating. It was something how frenzied they got as the storm approached, wonder where they go in the storm. Must be something to listen & watch the storm from your place. We’ve been having quite a lot of storms here in Miami, too-
    Thanks as always for sharing

  3. Thanks Linda and Edwina. You’re both very sweet to share your thoughts about these posts. I’m endlessly facinated by hummingbirds. They behave very much like fish on a reef, and less like other birds. Their maneuverability is remarkable! There’s a pecking order that is strictly enforced. So cool…. Vann

  4. Hi there, The hummingbirds were fun to watch. It must be quite impressive a storm up there. Do you have a lightning rod. Sorry, always think about things like that. It´s a bug in my system. Lol. Tks fr your posts. They make my day.

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