The Blue Ridge… “The Land of Many Sunsets”

One thing that you’ll have difficulty finding in the mountains is the horizon. It’s always hidden by seemingly endless ridges. Never is this more apparent than at sunset. By relocating your position many times as the sun drops below the line of the mountains, you can experience totally different effects and colors over a twenty minute time span.  You might marvel at the tones and textures after the sun has disappeared (below)…..

…then move five minutes to the north, and the sun is back for an encore performance.

A couple of years ago, I came up with the slogan, “The Land of Many Sunsets”, to describe this phenomenon. It had a certain Native American ring to it, and with this being the land of the Cherokee, it seemed quite appropriate.

Another quick jog to the southwest reveals Young’s Mountain and Mount Shumont with Lake Lure filling in the gorge between the two (above). Head south again, and Hickory Nut Mountain has changed colors from your previous stop. You would find my home in the center of this photo below, just under the second ridge from the top.

Back to the north one last time, you catch a glimpse of the Cedar Creek Gorge as it disappears toward the Eastern Continental Divide east of Asheville (below).

All of these photos were made within a twenty minute period. It’s amazing how different the views can be.

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