High Falls at DuPont State Forest in North Carolina

On the far eastern side of Transylvania County, known as “Land of Waterfalls”, is the most majestic of them all, High Falls at Dupont State Forest. A half mile walk from the upper parking area rewards you with the above view.

With a little patience, the sun will come out, and you’ll see this 150 foot wonder in all its glory. Recent rains made High Falls especially active on this day.

Another quarter mile hike will take you down to the bottom of the falls, and you’ll feel the cold wind bathing your body as it is forced out of the ravine by the cascading water. The legal trail ends there, but by climbing over a few fallen trees, and carefully trekking over slippery wet rocks, you can actually enter the torrents at the bottom of the dangerous falls. These photographs can’t begin to do justice to the power and immensity, so you must watch this ten minute video to get the full effect. http://youtu.be/c_gXk8AK8y8

One thought on “High Falls at DuPont State Forest in North Carolina

  1. Oh how lucky you are, I close my eyes & try to imagine the wonderful sounds of the falls-thanks again for sharing

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