Mountain Wildflowers of Late Summer

As summer draws to a close here in the Otter Creek Valley, hints of color are spreading through the ridges. The above pic was made just up the mountain from my home.

A heavy dew greets a cool sunrise with this cluster of blossoms.

The hummingbirds will be busy with this bloom very soon. The Red Trumpet vine is one of their favorites.

….and away they all flew, like the down of a thistle.

Like a tiny sunflower, this multi petal number hopes to attract the best pollinator.

This pink wildflower grows over seven feet tall in late August and attracts the most butterflys of all the plants.

This is the only wildflower of its kind I’ve seen in this valley. Very rare. The “petals” are not a flower at all, but instead are the segments of the pod that opened to reveal the cluster of small white flowers in the center. Neat!

Looking like an artificial plastic creation, this golden posey soaks in the morning dew.

Looking more like a delicate ballerina, this blue wildflower will have no trouble attracting insects.

Looking a little like Mickey Mouse, this two pedaled blossom has a very complicated set of stamens. Love that blue color.

These showy flowers cover the ground in many places. Very dramatic effect…

This orange flower resembled a tropical orchid, but a small white flower at the front is where the stamen are located.

This is one of the most unusual flowers I’ve found yet.

These delicate little flowers had a sweet fragrance and a complicated structure.

This is my road, Fibber Magee Drive, as it winds its way up the mountain.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Wildflowers of Late Summer

  1. Love how you capture the beauty of the colors of your “backyard” garden! My favorites were the ballerina & the Mickey Mouse, very unusual shapes. Love ya for sharing

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