Carolina Morning Glory Celebration

Just as the old song says, “…where the Morning Glories, wind around your door…”, these richly colored blossoms are the most vibrant of any of the mountain flowers. Earlier I had featured the symbiotic relationship between these plants and the corn stalks. Finding another corn field this morning revealed an even wider variety of colors and textures of these remarkable flowers. The corn had grown to over ten feet tall! At the end of the slide show I also included five wildflowers that shared the same area. All of the colors are breathtaking, and I am constantly amazed at the depth of the hues. “Nothin’ could be finer, than to be in Carolina in the m-o-r-n-i-n-g!”

Just move your cursor over any photo, and you can pause the show, or back it up… Pretty cool!

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4 thoughts on “Carolina Morning Glory Celebration

  1. Oh so Beautiful-such a rainbow of wonderful color! You are one Lucky Guy! As I’m waiting to hear what Isaac is going to do, I’m wishing I, too was up in Carolina. Take care, and as usual thanks for sharing

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