Waterfalls Along Taylor and Cedar Creeks

Taylor Creek flows down from the eastern Buncombe County mountains, and joins with Cedar Creek in Rutherford County. Along this course are two waterfalls that are particularly interesting. Above is High Falls on Taylor Creek. They are located inside a planned community on private land, so a half mile walk is required to see them.

Especially impressive is the grotto where the falls pour into a pool (above). The pool is at the bottom of a bowl, and is surrounded by giant trees and large boulders.

Walking close to the pool, you are met by a rush of wind created by the falling water, and an echoing roar intensified by the shape of the grotto. The pool is perfect for a chilling swim in summer.

Perched on a bluff overlooking the falls is a small cottage with one room and a stone terrace.

Because of the constant mist from the falls, moss covers all of the rocks below the cottage.

Standing beside the cottage, you can see how perfectly situated the terrace is for enjoying the beauty and sound of the falling water. The structure has a large picture window, and heat for the winter. What an ideal place to write the great American novel.

The constant mist promotes the growth of many wonderful wildflowers. Below you can see a video of the falls and the grotto. A transition in the middle moves from High Falls to Cedar Creek, and the rapids further downriver. The music is by James Taylor from an album called Appalachian Journey featuring Yo-Yo Ma on cello and Mark O’Connor on violin. After the short video, scroll down for more photos from Cedar Creek Falls, followed by another video showing a flash flood along Cedar Creek  just last week.

Facing Cedar Creek is another small development that is located at the base of Young’s Mountain, seen in the distance above. Cedar Creek flows along Cedar Creek Road, and massive exposed granite hides the falls on the far left (below).

Moving over the moss covered rock, you get an excellent view of the falls (below).

On the north side of Cedar Creek (below), an abandoned cabin sits above the peaceful stream, but in the video below, you’ll see that Cedar Creek can be anything but peaceful.

Last week, six inches of rain fell in three days, and Cedar Creek became a raging torrent. Normally in the summer, this stretch serves as the local swimming hole, and families bring their little kids to ride tubes down the rapids. You might have to turn down your sound because the roar may be too loud for sensitive ears.

2 thoughts on “Waterfalls Along Taylor and Cedar Creeks

  1. LOVED it!! Beautiful pictures, enjoyed both videos, the music was perfect for the first & really felt like I was there in person, listening to the roar of the water on the second. Thanks as usual for sharing

    • These waterfalls are just 10 minutes from my house. I visit them often. I did another video back in the spring. Just search “Cedar Creek Road” on the blog and check it out. Thanks! Vann

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