Cruising Down the Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn

A big advantage of living in the mountains is the ability to visit The Blue Ridge Parkway more than once when Autumn arrives. Each year, the progression of leaf color is different, and only with multiple visits can one find the best display. Last Thursday I drove up to Grandfather Mountain, and the leaves were already falling. On Saturday, I drove south of Linville Falls, and there were no vibrant yellows or bright reds yet. Just three days later, on October 16th, everything had changed. Driving south toward Mt. Mitchell, the colors were the best I’ve seen this season.The peak of the color doesn’t happen all at once. You have to find those pockets where all of the factors that create these hues work together for the perfect show on any given day.

From an overlook near MM 321… Remember, you can expand any photo by just left clicking on the photo.

From the same overlook…

Moving south down the Parkway…

The most perfect blue sky day you could ever want. Low humidity with temps in the 50’s.

The imposing Black Mountains fill the horizon. All peaks are over 6,000 feet.

Mount Mitchell is the tallest of them all… Below is a short video that will take you along for the ride. The creek at the beginning is just one of many that flows down from the slopes below the Parkway.

6 thoughts on “Cruising Down the Blue Ridge Parkway in Autumn

  1. What a lovely way to start my day, so enjoyed sharing the ride. The colors are wonderful & in person I’m sure even more so. This I’ll have to watch again. Have only taken that ride in the summer time several years ago, one day hope to go & see the leaves changing. Thanks so much again for using your talent to share these magnificent views around you with the rest of us

  2. Ahhh…… we were a few weeks too early. But we still loved everything we saw. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world, Vann!

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