Video of Canadian Geese on Otter Pond at Sunrise

Yesterday, Canadian Geese were on Otter Pond for the first time this season. On Tuesday, they had returned again, and this morning, I walked to the back of the pond to film them up close. I merged the two days into one video.

These birds are so regal on the water.

There’s no music, but if you turn up your sound, you’ll hear what sunrise at the pond sounds like, especially the chattering of the feeding birds.

3 thoughts on “Video of Canadian Geese on Otter Pond at Sunrise

  1. Oh, Vann — that 5-minute video just added a year to my life! So relaxing to listen and just sink into the beautiful morning, with the mist steaming off the pond and the geese murmuring away….. Love the scene where they circle and fall into formation in a line, paddling away!

  2. Such a serene feeling takes over watching this video, just sat back & enjoyed escaping to the pond-Vann it was wonderful!

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