Mid-December at Biltmore Estate

Spending a cold day at Biltmore Estate just before Christmas can offer many surprises. The best one is finding the orchid house inside the Conservatory, and discovering the most unusual orchids I’ve ever seen.

Biltmore Orchid 1
The crinilated petals of this remarkable flower were the best I’ve ever seen.

Biltmore Orchid 2
Appearing like a glass sculture by world renowned Dale Chihuly, this orchid was almost glittering.

Biltmore Orchid 3
The fuchia on these petals looked hand painted.

Biltmore Orchid 4
This bloom seemed to have small faces in the center of stars.

Biltmore Orchid 5
Without a doubt, this is the most complicated and unusual orchid I have ever seen. It appears to have a small Calla Lily as a hat, a small face peering out from under the hat, and a receptacle to attract some unsuspecting pollenator suspended under the face. I had to look twice.

Biltmore Orchid 6
This detailed image really shows the nectar cup well….

Winter Biltmore Estate
Appearing like Sleeping Beauty’s castle before the princely kiss, the chateau is magical from below.

Biltmore Inn Christmas Tree

A hallway window at The Inn at Biltmore looks out toward Mount Pisgah. This is one of many decorated trees along this hallway.

Tne Inn at Biltmore Estate
From the Inn, you can barely make out the Biltmore House far to the east. The estate grounds are virtually unchanged from 100 years ago when George Washington Vanderbilt spent his first Christmas in the North Carolina Mountains.

Hickory Nut Cloud
During the return drive home after a wonderful afternoon at Biltmore, 3,100 foot Hickorynut Mountains was dramatic in the clouds.

4 thoughts on “Mid-December at Biltmore Estate

  1. Vann, your comments on the orchids give us a whole new way of looking at them — and a laugh, as well. Nature is too amazing for words. “Visiting” the Biltmore with you (virturally) through the seasons is a treat — thanks for taking us along!

  2. Loved your beautiful photos of the orchids. The 2 unusual ones look like something from Alice in Wonderland, see I do have a wild imagination. The decorations at the Biltmore must have been wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  3. I was especially fascinated by the orchids. We had already seen many orchids inside the Biltmore house, and it was interesting to see where they must have been grown.

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