The Wonderful Seasons of Otter Pond

Otter Pond Winter
With the temperature at 28 degrees and a high bank of icy clouds, winter has arrived on Otter Pond. This panorama was made this morning and frost was on the blackberry vines. Four Wood Ducks had just flown away, and the wind was calm. The next photo was made during the last snow at the pond in January, 2011. The pond was frozen over.

Otter Pond Snow
The next photo was made back in August as Summer was in its full glory.

Otter Pond Green
The last photo was made in late September as Autumn was beginning to fade.

Otter Pond Geese
The diversity of color and texture from season to season has always facinated me. This small two acre lake never disappoints me, and the constant parade of water fowl, sunrises, and leaves makes every morning special.


6 thoughts on “The Wonderful Seasons of Otter Pond

  1. What a beautiful spot, Vann. Love seeing this collection of shots through the seasons. (Love your amazing frost wallpaper photo, too!) We are in the midst of a much-needed extended rainy season — we’re actually at more than 150% of normal rainfall for the year-to-date (the “rain year” is measured from July 1-June 30; I have no idea why) — but that compares to last year, when we were at less than 30% of normal at this time. The hills are all emerald green, after the golden (brown) of summer. Hope you had a good Christmas, and the New Year is wonderful for us all!
    Love, Lee Ann and Tim

  2. I thought Ratliff country was the most beautiful place to live but the Blue Ridge mountains may top it. Barb and I enjoy your pictures

  3. Vann, I’d be visiting Otter Pond often too. It always is an amazing joy to see the different pictures you take of it. Just Love the last one in this batch

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