Cold Weather has Arrived at Otter Creek

If you have arrived here through your automatic e-mail notification, click on the headline above to get the best viewing experience. And once you’re there, click on any photograph to get the full screen effect of that image.Ice Ribbons
With temperatures dropping into the low 20’s the past two days, winter has finally made itself felt in Otter Creek Valley. Ice ribbons greet the sunrise every morning as moisture from recent heavy rains finds it’s way to the surface. The relentless freezing of the clay topsoil will lift twigs and small sticks as much as three inches above ground level. Small rocks are also fair game for the expanding ice. Their complexity astounds me.

Rain Barrel Ice
Skater ice forms on my rain barrel, rellecting a deep blue morning sky. The pattern lines are so perfectly straight.

Cattail Frost
Cattails look like delicate porcelin sculptures along the banks of Otter Pond.

Frosty Pond

Frosty Blackberry briars surround parts of the pond, reminding everyone that there is not supposed to be any fishing here!

Frosty Hillside
Across the pond, Jack Frost has left his mark everywhere you look.

Blue Morning
This view is from about 50 yards east of the house, and looks northeast over Otter Pond toward Long Mountain in the distance. Even without snow, the meadows can be very beautiful at sunrise.

Cabin Sunset

As the sun was setting yesterday, the same area took on an entirely different flavor, with a salmon tinged sky warning of another very cold night ahead.

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