January Thaw Is Here

Otter Pond Rain
We knew it was coming. It arrived on Wednesday. Yesterday had a high of 66. This morning’s low was just 48. Tomorrow and Sunday will be in the 70’s. What happened to Winter? The rain arrived during the night, and over a half inch has already fallen, and it’s still raining. My walk around the back of Otter Pond revealed a dreary landscape, but the leaves of Autumn continue to cling to the Beech and Oak trees. That’s normal around these parts. The cattails and grasses along the pond edge add to the rust colors of winter.

Otter Rain
With the rain, the pond almost looks frozen. The leaves cover the ground, offering a reminder of a beautiful fall season past.

Carolina Peaks Parkway
Recent tracks in the road home indicate a visitor. I never saw anyone. There’s just something about the mountains in the rain that facinates me.

3 thoughts on “January Thaw Is Here

  1. Great pics, it does seem strange to see it still looks like fall-the weather here in Miami is way too warm for this time of year. I like to see how the outdoors looks after a rain, where you are, the vistas are even better

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