Rain Turning to Snow

>White House
After three days and four inches of rain, the snow is finally on its way! This view of Long Mountain is about a mile north of the house, and the layer of fog dwarfs the farmhouse and the cows that graze the fields around it. The rain will begin turning to snow this afternoon, and when I awake tomorrow morning, my walk should be through a winter wonderland. Wish me luck!

Fog Pasture
The photo below was made looking toward the earthen dam that created Otter Pond years ago. The American Beech tree is famous for holding onto its fall leaves through the winter. The pond is as full as I’ve ever seen it, and I hope this dam is a good one.

Otter Pond Dam

7 thoughts on “Rain Turning to Snow

  1. Love how you captured the fog hovering the trees-looks cold. Do hope it snows, know how you’ve been looking forward to getting out in it. Here in Miami, it’s still like summer, there’s supposed to be a little rain (badly needed) then cool off, maybe if we’re lucky. Can’t wait to see your snow pic

    • The rain has gotten much harder this afternoon. Makes me wonder how much of the snow will stick. Tomorrow morning will be in the low 20’s, which means alot of road ice. Schools will be closed….

    • Bill, You asked me about Blue Gills in Otter Pond. I’ve never seen what kind of fish people pull out of there, but they keep coming back for more. It’s my suspicion that the pond was originally made so people would come and pay to fish.

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