No Snow, but Great Ice…

Otter Creek Ice Wall
Like a small frozen waterfall, these ice ribbons lifted a rock well off the ground. The sunrise temperature was 23 degrees. Below 28, the damp ground grows these wonders.

Suspended Ice Rock
These unsuspecting rocks will be quite surprised when the ice suddenly gives way. No wonder frozen streams throughout these mountains were able to move rocks downstream during the last ice age. Like mini-glaciers, ice flows inched their way down steep mountain gorges, carrying giant imprisoned boulders along with them.

Cave Columns
When the ground refuses to break apart, the ice lifts entire sections, using strong columns to create dark caves.

Frosty Hemlock House
Dormant Honeysuckle vines catch the most frost just at sunrise. All of the Virginia Pines have grown voluntarily over the three and a half years I have lived here.

Reflections of Brushy Top

By afternoon. a deep blue sky had replaced over a week of rainy, overcast ceilings. The reflections may appear out of focus, but this is a double pane window. All of the red wood is Argentinian mahogany.

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