The Interior of Hemlock House

With the snow keeping its distance, and the drab colors of deep winter covering the landscape, it seemed a good time to turn inward, and share the warmth and comfort of my home, Hemlock House. I named it that because of the many Hemlock trees that surround the house and fill the adjacent woods.

Hill House
My favorite room looks out to the northern mountains, and makes the perfect reading and conversation spot. I call it The Observation Lounge, for obvious reasons.

Ob Room
The stairs down to the lower floor are located in one corner of the Observation Lounge. I have long admired Asian art, and find that it fits in perfectly with my mountain setting.

Two Buddhas
Descending the spiral staircase…
Stairs Music Room
The Music Room also has French Doors to the outside…

Great Room
The Great Room is the largest room in the house, and offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view out of two large double windows.
Back upstairs, the bedroom hallway features a wall of my ancestors and family.

The Master features many original art pieces.

Bedroom Changes

The eat-in kitchen is spacious and well lighted, with a tongue and grove white pine ceiling.

Hemlock House Kitchen
But the best room in the house has to be the deck, where the view is always breathtaking!


5 thoughts on “The Interior of Hemlock House

  1. You DO have a delightful home. Love how you’ve mixed all the different decors together, a artistic touch for sure! Windows to the beautiful outdoors, perfect!! Lucky you to have such a wonderful home!

  2. What a wonderful blend of the things you love! (I even see some Dolphins memorabilia tucked in there.) And the whole magnificent outdoors, which bridges across with fresh branches of evergreen tucked in here and there. It’s so beautiful, Vann.

  3. You did a great job decorating. I can feel the serenity. God Bless you and your lovely home. Much love, Linda


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