First Snowfall in Twenty-Five Months

Snow Shells
After 25 months with nothing more than a few fluerries, the snow finally arrived yesterday. Above is the deck after a half hour of intense “corn” snow, as it is called. Large round balls of granular snow.

Below is a seven minute video I made to show the progression of the event. After two hours, the sun came out, and the snow was over. Only small patches remain in the shadows this morning.

4 thoughts on “First Snowfall in Twenty-Five Months

  1. Had no idea it had been so long since you had a measurable snowfall…must admit, our low temp of 38 this morning doesn’t sound so bad…the grass is green and so are the leaves on the trees. Thanks for keeping us updated. The pictures are great to look at…they’re really “cool man”…but thank goodness…NOT Cold Man! BV

  2. Just loved sitting here relaxing & watching. The music was perfect to the falling of the snow. Enjoyed so much. Thanks dears friend for sharing, know you were probably hoping for more snowfall

  3. This is so beautiful, but I have concern for those birds. I think that birds can freeze to death. I hope that bird house is heated.

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