Chasing Snow Above 3,000 Feet

Waking up to a light rain with the temperature hovering just above freezing told me one thing. There had to be snow nearby, and I intended to find it. I drove west at 8 a.m. on Cedar Creek Road, and made a left onto Bat Cave Road at the 2,100 foot level. The hunt was on, and as I snaked up toward the pass between Stone Mountain and Round Mountain, there it was. Snow. It covered the slopes of Stone Mountain above the 2,600 foot level. Just twenty-five minutes from home, and my suspicions were confirmed.

Stone Mountain Snow
Walking up into the woods, the crunch of recent flakes was unmistakable, but the slope was too steep to climb any further.

Slope Snow
Much to my disappointment, there were no flakes actually falling, so I drove up to an area known as Sun Dance Ridge, above 3,000 feet. To the southwest was a long line of mountains, with the tallest being 4,400 foot Little Pisgah, and the entire range was embroiled in snow clouds.

Panorama Pisgah

The wind was biting, and flurries were flying around up here, but this would have to be a morning where I enjoyed the snow from afar. After waiting for the clouds to clear from the summit of Little Pisgah, the entire valley suddenly cleared, and I knew that my early morning snow chase had been well worthwhile.

Little Pisgah Mountain

By 10 a.m. I was back inside my warm house, and it was time for a late breakfast. No walk with the dogs today.

3 thoughts on “Chasing Snow Above 3,000 Feet

  1. How awesome ! Enjoy you snow. We had rain/snow mix the other day. I’m expecting a snow day sometime soon. Hope not, but I feel it will happen. God Bless Ridge Runner. Much love sent your way, Linda

  2. Without you even mentioning the temp, the pictures show the COLD! Keep warm, Mr Snow chaser, I’d be sitting inside your beautiful home eating a warm meal & just waiting for the sunny snow day LOL

  3. There was snow in the foothills and mountains around the Bay Area … but I didn’t go looking for it! (The single road going up above us usually gets closed if there’s even a few inches — too curvy with unsafe dropoffs.) We had almost half an inch of rain, which we needed badly. It was 36 degrees this morning, and we had frost on the roof, but it sunny and 46 now. Enjoy!

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