Ice Storm Along the Blue Ridge

As heavy rain moved into the Carolina mountains on Tuesday, upper level temperatures remained above freezing, but along the hills and valleys above 2,000 feet, the thermometer dropped below freezing just enough to produce one of the worst ice storms this area has seen in years. These photos were made along Bat Cave-Old Fort Road after sundown. The first picture is from the entrance to Stone Mountain School Road looking northeast into Rutherford County.

Stone Mountain School
Stone Mountain School is a boarding school for sixty leaning disabled teenage boys. It lost power, as did most of the residents of the area. The next photo was made near the high gap between Stone and Round Mountains.

Round Mountain Ice
The sounds made from falling ice and breaking trees echoed through the woods. Below is evidence of the thickness of the ice.

Bat Cave Road Ice
Although surreally beautiful, the ice was very destructive all along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ice Trailer
Power lines and homes were seriously affected, and the ice lasted well into Wednesday, litering roadways with broken trees and limbs, and making falling ice a real hazard.

Icicle Limbs

Like teeth on a dragon, icicles were a testament to the over two inches of heavy rain that fell. Below, early catkins are encased in ice like wasps in amber. Spring will be delayed just a few weeks it seems.

Encased Catkins
The one minute video below will add to the understanding of this event

2 thoughts on “Ice Storm Along the Blue Ridge

  1. Well thought the pictures were amazing, but how the heck did you turn around on that road?!!! It looked like something from the movies, just awesome to see but darn it, driving on that road would have me shivering not only from cold but nerves. Great video, thank you for sharing your awesome adventure

  2. Beautiful. I’m sorry for the power outages and other hardships. It was a peaceful, rainy day here in Durham. I looked at the webcams in Boone and Blowing Rock and saw no indication that things were that rough. Thank you for the post. I’m afraid to drive in the mountains during winter so this is something I wouldn’t, otherwise, be able to see. Thanks again. Becky

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