Snow Over Lake Lure and Mount Shumont

As this week’s storm passed just to the north of me, I happened to find a spot on the Rutherford-McDowell County line where the mountains that surround the northern part of Lake Lure were all laid out before me. A passing snow squall just happened to be moving over them, and even though the sun was out where I was, the white stuff was clearly visible as it fell. The road is named Hemphill Road after the family who originally farmed this valley.

Lake Lure Mountains
Mount Shumont, at 3,900 feet,  is the distant peak enshrouded in falling snow. Young’s Mountain, at 2,800 feet, is the closer two peaks on the left.

Lake Lure Snow

2 thoughts on “Snow Over Lake Lure and Mount Shumont

  1. Makes you appreciate how Snow can Be falling from the Clouds but moisture may not be hitting the ground in lower areas ! In Virginia Years ago at Sea level while flying in Helicopters —-It might B sprinkling on the Ground yet at 1000 feet and higher Snow or ICE.

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