Last Days of Skiing at Sugar Mountain

On Monday, my friend Bryan and I drove to Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in Banner Elk for one last day of skiing before the spring thaw. Even with a steady cold rain and temperatures just above freezing, and with a thick fog enveloping the ridges, the snow was wonderful. A heavy snow the previous Friday made snowmaking unnecessary, which was such a relief, considering the loud, jet plane like snow guns that usually are required in these southern latitudes. Visibility was poor, but with almost no other skiers on the mountain, there weren’t many chances for collisions.

Bryan at Sugar Mountain
Bryan is a snowboarder, and quite an accomplished one as well. Following him down the runs on my long skis was not an easy task, but I managed it, and had no falls through eight long downhills.

Sugar Mountain Rain
The chairlift to the 5,300 foot summit was a wet and very cold experience. The wind was howling to make things worse.

Sugar Mountain Miami Heat
Bryan and I are both avid Miami Heat fans, and the long ride to the top seemed the perfect place to show our colors. Bryan just also happens to be wearing a Miami Marlins baseball cap.

Vann at Sugar Mountain
This photo of “Yours Truly” was made during my last visit to Sugar on February 20. The weather was a little different that day. Check out the following short video from that sunny day of skiing.

Sugar Mountain Sign
With nightly temperatures into the mid-teens this week, this perfect snow should stay around for at least two more weekends, very late for North Carolina ski resorts. Because of early snow and freezing temps brought on by Superstorm Sandy in October, Sugar has enjoyed over five months of sking this year in an area that is lucky to have three.

2 thoughts on “Last Days of Skiing at Sugar Mountain

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