Howling Coyotes in Otter Valley

Weather can be a strange thing in the mountains in March. Friday morning was 22 degrees, just three degrees above the winter’s lowest reading. Yesterday afternoon, the thermometer read 81 degrees, the highest since before Superstorm Sandy. This morning it was back down to 41, and my walk took me up toward Oak Mountain. The sunrise was a good one, and will be the last winter one I photograph.

Youngs Mountain
To the southwest, Young’s Mountain had a rose colored glow as the sun appeared.

Buddy the Mutt
Buddy suddenly was very aware of sounds coming from the woods. and the one minute video below will share the sounds of the coyotes that he heard. It’s unusual for them to howl after sunrise, but today must have been something special for them. You can also hear a barking dog in the distance.

Toms Mountain
Arriving back home, Tom’s Mountain shows no signs of spring, but the pines are ready for their growth spurt. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

5 thoughts on “Howling Coyotes in Otter Valley

  1. Coyotes have been seen by us during day light hours this past week must B mating season. 80 here yesterday as I pruned the Grape vines ! Dandilions appearing now —-Daffodils & the color purple clover blooming —-

  2. Beautiful sunrise picture! Buddy sure enjoys your walk together. He didn’t seem too fazed by the coyotes, mine would have been barking their fool heads off. Well you had a “Top of the Morning” walk so enjoy the rest of St Patrick’s Day. Weather is is fantastic, today.

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