Visions of Snowfalls Past…

After two years of having almost no snow, I felt that the time was right to revisit some of my favorite winter photographs as a way to remind me how beautiful these light snowfalls were. No blizzards here, and usually the snow was gone by the next day. Vanderbilt located Biltmore in Asheville for good reason. Although the area displays four distinct seasons, extremes in summer and winter are quite rare, as is the snow.

Dawn Glow
Hemlock House, above,  still sleeps under Dick’s Mountain as the sun appears.

Drooping Pines
Fibber Magee Drive never looked so good…

Hemlock Cabin
Ron and Jeanne’s log cabin through the woods. To see the full photo, just left click on it.

Linville Cottages
These Linville cottages were too perfect to be real…

Pinnacle Peak 5
Pinacle Peak was hard frozen after a night of freezing rain above 1,600 feet.

Snow Finger
This burnt skeletal tree points the way toward Lake Lure to the southwest.

Flake House
Giant flakes surround Hemlock House during my first storm in December, 2009.

Otter Lake Frozen
The ice on Otter Pond eventually was  thick enough to walk upon. I even ice skated around the edge.

Toward the east
My house was snowed in for five days following that frist storm. I learned not to leave the car in the driveway, but to park it atop the hill next to Fibber Maggee Drive.

Snowy Hillside
The snow on the road in front of the house was so beautiful, even before sunrise.

Snow House Rock
This was my first White Christmas in 2010. It snowed for two days for over 8 inches.

Otter Lake Sunrise
A totally frozen Otter Pond left the old peddle boat high and dry.

Snow Dreams
This was the last major snowfall in January 2011. Eventually this will be a holiday card cover.

2 thoughts on “Visions of Snowfalls Past…

  1. Thanks Vann,

    These remind me of Christmas Card scenes.

    They are beautiful,



  2. Beautiful pictures of Hemlock House, boy you did have some snow in the past. You are right that last one would make a beautiful card. But you also have others from different times of the year to make beautiful cards or even a calendar, or book.

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