Misty Sunrise Around Otter Pond

Three Poplars
After the temperature soared into the mid-sixties yesterday, a 27 degree sunrise could mean only one thing, mist over Otter Pond. The big difference between air and water temperature always produces the same result, and I wasn’t disappointed this morning. The sky was a deep blue, and frost covered the ground. A distant Roan Horsetop Mountain was framed by three Tulip Poplars that had buds but no leaves.

Blue Mist
My house is just over the ridge to the right in the photo above, which shows a cold Dick’s  Mountain in the distance.

Otter Valley Sunrise
Circling around the pond onto Fibber Magee Drive still showed no signs of Spring.

Otter Pond Mist

The mist rising off the water’s surface created whirlwinds that moved very slowly across the pond.


At times the mist obscurred the opposite shore. All of this happened in almost total silence.

Fibber Magee Tracks
Climbing up the hill on the way back home, a recently graded, and twice rained on road had a record of every set of tires that had passed in the last two days.

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