Hints of Springtime Finally Arrive

Rutherfordton Blossoms
With temperatures finally in the low 80’s, Springtime has arrived in the foothills. The above yard was found in Rutherfordton last Saturday. These are apple trees.

Around Otter Creek Valley, the arrival of spring is more subtle. The first Redbud blossoms are just emerging in the woods, below.

Otter Creek Redbud
The forest is beginning to show signs of green other than the pines and hemlocks.

Pines and Beech Trees
An apple tree at the base of Fibber Magee Drive couldn’t wait any longer to show its stuff.

Fibber Magee Apple Blossoms
This red roofed house on Laurel Valley Mountain just up the road is surrounded by budding maples and poplars. Soon, you won’t be able to see the house at all.

Laurel Valley Home
Looking east, below, the Black Angus farms are greening up nicely. If this was a “no humidity” day, you would see the skyscrapers of Uptown Charlotte, 100 miles away, just right of the mountain.

Black Angus Farm
Turning toward the south, below, Tryon and Bill’s Mountains dominate the horizon. Green buds are beginning to burst forth, letting you know that this view will soon be obscurred by folliage. The roof and steeple of Montford Cove Missionary Baptist Church is barely visible in the shadows.

Montford Cove Vista

5 thoughts on “Hints of Springtime Finally Arrive

  1. WOW! The apple trees look so beautiful! You had great views all over. The forest is starting to show of its Spring colors, its fun seeing the seasons through your eyes

  2. Vann took a second look at these pictures-just love the first one of the rosebuds, the trees on each side frame the picture wonderfully

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