Springtime in Augusta and Macon, Georgia

One advantage of living in the mountains is the ability to travel for a few hours to the places where Springtime shows itself in all its splendor. Being in Augusta during The Masters Tournament always allows for a visit to Park Avenue in Forest Hills. The azaleas and dogwoods were at their peak colors.

Park Avenue Augusta

Augusta Dogwoods

Augusta Mansion

Driving two hours to the southwest found me in Macon, the home of many splendid 19th century mansions.

Macon Georgia Columns

Macon Georgia Porch

Macon Georgia Portico

Red Azaleas


Wysteria Purple

3 thoughts on “Springtime in Augusta and Macon, Georgia

  1. Reminds me of home in Mobile, AL, beautiful old homes, flowers and warm weather. We had frost here this am. My iris ard azaleas are all budded and ready to open. thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pictures truly capture the beauty of Springtime in Augusta. Sometimes the road less traveled brings us both to enjoy The Masters together. What a wonderful journey we are having!

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