Apple Blossom Time Along the Blue Ridge

Apple Tree Mountain
In the valley east of Hendersonville, a spectacle takes place every April, when millions of apple trees of every variety burst forth with displays of flowers a hundred times more sprawling than Washington’s iconic cherry tree festival. Little known is the fact that North Carolina is fourth in apple production, and that includes Washington state, and New York. (Take THAT Johnny Appleseed!). For miles and miles, orchard after orchard unfolds as you move through the valley.

Apple Blossom Time
This particular orchard is one of the oldest, and the ancient, knarled trunks and limbs attest to that.

Apple Orchard Time
Walking through these ageless wonders is like being in a Vincent Van Gogh painting in the South of France. No wonder he was so inspired to capture these apple factories on canvas.

Apple Tree Limbs

Each variety has a distinctive flower, and the detail of the blooms deserves a close-up look!

Pink Apple Blossoms

Each of the photos below must be seen individually. Just click on the first one, and move through the album.

Driving home toward Lake Lure I had to stop when I saw these vibrant Cherry Trees. With the mountainside of light green as the background, the red blossoms made the perfect frame.

Cherry Tree Mountain

3 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time Along the Blue Ridge

  1. You’re so right, the enlarged view of each picture gave me such a wonderful perspective of how glorious the colors were. Love the old apple trees, gnarled trunks & magnificent beauty of the flowers.

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