After the Deluge, the Valley Recovers

Otter Valley Storm Storm Clouds at Hemlock House
As a thunderstorm approached from the west yesterday, the sun was already drying out the remains of eight inches of rain. The slow moving weekend event brought rivers over their banks, while mud and rock slides closed major east-west roads between here and Asheville.

Otter Creek Swing Otter Creek Currents
The neighbor’s swing held tight as Otter Creek rose six feet. Lower down, the creek was a torrent as it exited the valley on its way to the Broad River.

Swollen Ponds
The pond down through the woods was out of its banks as a swollen Otter Creek flooded the low areas. That same area was the subject of a sunset video just a few days before the storm. The changes are striking.

4 thoughts on “After the Deluge, the Valley Recovers

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  2. My goodness, what a mess. Hope it has all gone down back in to the ground. Hate floods.
    Hope you are well, Linda

  3. Is your house Hemlock House? Good grief–wonderful video of Sunset at Otter Creek, wonderful music, great opening shot of the director and cinematographer.

  4. Vann, what a mess from so much rain, hope all gets back to normal soon. It’s such a beautiful area but nature is something, maybe now you’ll have a different landscape to photograph. So enjoyed the sunset video again, great picture of you

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